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Aerial survey platform displayed at Wonderboom airshow

  Diamond Aircraft’s upgraded version of the DA42 Multi Purpose Platform (MPP) aerial survey aircraft was on display, for the first time in Africa, at the Africa Aerospace and Defence 2016 show held recently at Wonderboom Airport in Tshwane. The aircraft is based on the company’s popular and rather light HK36 MPX “Wescam Stealth” motorglider, and […]

Imminent legalisation of commercial “drone” use boosts UAV airshow

    Even more excitement is being generated by the Geomatics Indaba – UAV Airshow 2015 following the recent announcement by the director of civil aviation, Poppy Khoza, that the minister of transport has signed the South African Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Regulations and that they will be officially published and implementable on 1 […]

Error propagation of stockpile volumetric calculations

  In an increasingly push-button driven technological world, it is important to know what errors can be encountered when it comes to calculating the volumes of assets where a monetary value is involved. There are an increasing number of aerial and terrestrial survey companies in Africa that make use of aerial light detection and ranging […]

Camera with ultra-large image footprint

Kîsik Aerial Survey has contracted with Vexcel Microsoft’s UltraCam business unit and subsidiary – Vexcel Imaging – to purchase an UltraCam Eagle digital aerial camera system. Kîsik started in 2009 and has successfully built its aerial data acquisition business operating an UltraCamX. Kîsik Aerial Survey will use the UltraCam Eagle for a variety of mapping […]