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Improved memory timing measurements

As system speeds increase, customers need even faster deep memory timing measurements across a large number of input channels, which is what Agilent’s 16850 series of logic analysers deliver. Combining this capability with a wide variety of probing options allows digital system designers the fastest possible debug across a wide range of applications. Developers of […]

Portable logic analysers

Agilent Technologies recently introduced its 16850 series portable logic analysers, said to offer the industry’s fastest timing capture with deep memory for quickly debugging digital systems. The series also offers what is described as the industry’s only portable logic analyser with both single-ended and differential probing options to help designers get their high-speed digital devices […]

Making conducted and radiated emissions measurements

An Agilent Technologies White Paper overview Getting a product to market on time and within budget can be bottlenecked by electromagnetic interference compliance testing during the product development proceess. Fig. 1: A typical product development cycle. To ensure successful electromagnetic interference (EMI) compliance testing, pre-compliance testing has been added to the development cycle (Fig.1). In […]