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Automated road, building, and vessel detection at scale

Planet’s three Analytic Feeds (Road Detection, Building Detection, and Vessel Detection) can now scale globally and are offered off-the-shelf. Customers can leverage these feeds on top of the company’s satellite imagery products to get automated road, building, and vessel detections over their areas of interest, with no custom builds required. The automated analytic tools employ […]

Acquisition to unlock high-fidelity indoor map solutions

Inpixon, an indoor positioning and data analytics company, has acquired Jibestream, a provider of indoor mapping and location technology. Jibestream has been a leader in experiential wayfinding software and mapping technologies. Its full-featured geospatial platform integrated business data with high-fidelity indoor maps to create smart indoor spaces where are deployed in hundreds of buildings globally. […]

Radar satellite data partnership continues

Airbus Defence and Space will continue to provide access to its radar satellite data to Ursa Space Systems (Ursa), a data fusion and analytics company. Both parties signed a new four-year contract after having started their cooperation in 2015. Under this agreement, Ursa will analyse and fuse radar data with additional information sources to provide […]

Future-ready companies perform better

  In the 2015 IDC Future-ready enterprise study sponsored by Dell four key levels of enterprise future readiness are identified. These are: future creators, future focussed, future aware and current focussed. The more future ready the organisations in the study were, the stronger their business outcomes across a wide range of key performance indicators, from […]