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Using bird-resistant insulators on high-voltage transmission lines

Ararat Wind Farm, Australia’s third largest wind farm, uses enhanced silicone polymer (ESP) insulators on the 132 kV powerline to reduce weight, improve speed of installation and increase span lengths. These insulators are also bird resistant which is critical because the powerline is located in a high bird strike zone. The Ararat wind farm, which […]

IT security needs a proactive strategy

  The corporate IT security landscape is changing – and rapidly. An overriding global trend that is dominating media headlines is the increase of cyber attacks – and their impact on businesses. In fact, over the last couple of years, many organisations across the globe have fallen victim to numerous targetted attacks – and South […]

Financial cyber-heist hits banks big time

  The financial security world thought it had beaten cyber-attacks, now it is back to the drawing board as cyber criminals are using cover advanced persistent threat (APT)-style reconnaissance and customised malware along with legitimate software and new, innovative schemes to cash out.  (APT is a set of silent and continuous computer hacking processes). A year […]