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Twisted and tangled cables – A thing of the past

  Shrink tubes and colour-coded self-laminating wire wraps from industrial printer manufacturer DuraLabel provide two proven solutions to marking and identifying wires and cables. Shrink tubes are made from polyolefin a very flexible, specially formulated cross-linked material with a low recovery temperature, 3:1 shrink ratio, thin wall, and high flame retardancy. Shrink tubes provide a […]

Labelling telecom cables makes life easier

Twisted and tangled cables allowing us to electronically transport information are a nightmare for those responsible for identifying, maintaining and installing telecom system components such as horizontal links, backbone cables, faceplates/outlets and termination hardware. Though largely invisible to the average person, in a building, these cables connect  telephones, alarms, servers, computers and video images. Shrink […]

Magnetic tape with UV polyester coating

K-Sun’s magnetic tape with reinforced UV polyester top-coating is made from a flexible material requested to accept thermal transfer printing. The durable holding power of magnetic tape allows for the label when required. The magnetic tape allows easy relocation and label changing where required, and is available in white and yellow in 0,3 mm thickness. […]

Multiple software options for label and sign printing

The DuraLabel Pro printer gives multiple software options for printing labels and signs. This printer does not require special software as it is compatible with software already on PCs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Any software which works with a computer printer will be compatible with this printer. It also comes with DuraSuite labelling […]

Safety glow-in-the-dark tape for power failures

K-Sun’s photoluminescent glow-in-the-dark tape (Photolum) is a disaster prevention product used to mark items or emergency exits that may be required during a power failure. These include flashlights, tools, back-up power enerators, fire extinguishers,emergency evacuation route indication, and similar equipment required in a power failure situation. Providing high-level luminance, the tape provides long-term performance with […]

Label and sign printer wins award

The DuraLabel 9000 label and sign printer in conjunction with the MPS 150T print station were crowned the 2013 winner of the American New Equipment Digest King Awards in the packaging equipment and supplies category. The King Awards competition, named after longtime chief editor Bob King, was established to honour superior industrial product innovations. The […]

Pipe marking made easy

Petrochemical manufacturing facilities can contain thousands of pieces of regulated process equipment which may leak volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to the atmosphere. This equipment may be required to be tested for leaks several times each year, and additional information regarding leak repairs might be recorded. Leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs are inherently risky, labour […]

Tapes for label printers

K-Sun offers a large choice of label tapes to suit the K-Sun Label Shop range of portable and PC compatible label printers. The product range also includes industrial heat shrink tubes for use with cable and wire labelling. Whether its to label the edge of a CD case or create signage labels in warehouse applications, […]

Print station for lable printer

DuraLabel’s MPS 150T Print Station is designed to interface with the popular DuraLabel 9000 225 mm lable and sign printer. The MPS 150T enables users to quickly create extralarge custom Arc Flash safety signs, pipe markers and bar codes. The MPS 150T 250 mm touchscreen monitor mounts on the side of the DuraLabel 9000, and […]

Portable label thermal transfer printer

K-Sun’s BEE3+ is a portable three-in-one heat-shrink tube, bar code and label thermal transfer printer. The compact keyboard printer can create custom adhesive-backed labels in over 60 different size and colour combinations. It can be used to label, bar code and for heat-shrink tube identification and general custom labelling of wires, cables, terminals, tools, face […]