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Floor-stander enclosure range extended

Easy engineering and assembly are two of Eldon’s central development drivers. One recent example is the further development of the successful mild steel single and double-door compact floor-standing ranges MKS and MKD. More standard dimensions have been added and the combinable floor standing accessories are fully compatible with MKS and MKD ranges, making it possible […]

Protecting linear positioning sensors in harsh environments

  All industrial manufacturing, ranging from refining raw materials to plastic bottles to aerospace vehicles, is driven by a balance of economics and performance. Companies that can increase the performance of their operations and products without unrealistic costs can create a true value differentiation from their competitors and drive innovation in the industry. One of […]

Modular motor control, power distribution

  The Elsteel Techno Module motor control and power distribution system is a patented, fully modular product which can be built in 200 mm increments in all directions, precisely to clients’ design preference, without any limitations. Confusion exists about which panel board and switchgear to use to comply with the prescriptions of IEC 61439. The […]

Ball mill

On 25 October 2013, African Pegmatite, launched their new ball mill. The new member of African Pegmatite’s family of ball mills is capable of processing more than 200 different raw materials and chemicals for a variety of specialised industrial and agricultural applications, both for local and international markets. ATI Systems, the largest stockist of electrical […]

Magnetorestrictive position sensors for plastics processing

For over 30 years, MTS Sensor Technologie has been a reliable partner for measurement and control technology in the plastics processing industry. Its absolute, linear and non-contact position sensors have influenced measuring technology of injection moulding machines, blow molding machines and thermoforming machines. MTS Sensor Technologie’s sensors for the plastics processing industry are optimally suited […]

Position sensor supports Profinet

MTS Sensor Technologie has taken into account the fact that the first-generation field buses currently in place in automation technology are being replaced by real-time-capable Ethernet. The compact Temposonics sensor meets the requirements of the Profinet IO Industrial Ethernet standard and can be operated directly within a network with a decentralised periphery thanks to an […]

Planning enclosure systems

Eldon announces the upgraded of its Eplan solution to version 2.0, to allow engineers to efficiently and speedily design, document and plan their enclosure systems. The latest Eldon Eplan solution is easy to implement and use – and ensures you will reduce development time, increase productivity and improve project quality better than ever before. Some […]

Stainless steel enclosures for the dairy market

For well over a century, Holland-based dairy technology company C. van ’t Riet has delivered dairy equipment world-wide. The decision to choose Eldon as enclosure supplier made stainless steel enclosures an important component of the company’s new technologies for the dairy market. C. van ’t Riet has won wide acclaim for delivering dairy and food […]