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Engineering firm establishes data and analytics team

The Aurecon Data and Analytics team was established following the success of firm’s Machine Learning Lab. The team will address increasing demands for technology solutions that transform the design, construction and management of modern infrastructure. Using technology, they hope to extract insights to better understand engineering data from assets such as transport infrastructure, utilities and […]

Power and water: Leliefontein pump-as-turbine station

Originally intended to be a booster station, Leliefontein’s location proved ideal for the establishment of a mini hydro-electric power station. The project, a marriage between the civil, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines, shows how municipalities can use low cost, off the shelf equipment to generate clean power in their existing infrastructure. Wellington is home to […]

AI platform investment a step towards digital engineering

Aurecon has invested in artificial intelligence company Elara, which has developed technology to help businesses of all structures and sizes maximise profit. Elara is an artificial intelligence platform that connects to an organisation’s existing digital systems, analysing all data to inform better decisions to enhance profit and cash flow. The investment reinforces the Aurecon’s focus […]

Cable belt drive system upgraded

In December 2017, Siemens, in partnership with engineering solutions company Tech Edge, was awarded the upgrade of a manganese cable belt at South32’s Wessels Mine. The cable belt currently hoists rock up a 14,5°, 1675 m long incline divided into two sections. Both driving ropes are 45 mm in diameter and, with the upgraded system, […]

Drones as engineering value-adding tools

The infrastructure advisory and engineering consultancy, Aurecon, is only months away from obtaining its Remote Operators Certificate (ROC) from the South African Civil Aviation Authority, at which point it will start using its drones on selected projects. The consultancy’s squadron of drones will be used a value-adding tool on projects to enhance its service offering. […]