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Integrated PC control for wind farms

  A new integrated PC control system now makes it possible for operational management, pitch control, inverter control, condition monitoring, and visualisation on a wind farm operation on a single CPU. Beckhoff has developed a scalable range of standard software and hardware components allowing global accessibility to efficient, economical control and utilisation of wind energy. PC […]

The digital factory and its role in the beer brewing industry

  With major changes sweeping the global beer brewing industry, the Oktoberfest provided a good opportunity to see what Industry 4.0 and the Digital Factory offer beer brewing, the food and beverage industry, and to the process industry in general. Beer and the brewing industry are topical because of the possible acquisition by AB InBev […]

Cigré study committee (SC) B5 – protection and automation

  Founded in Paris in 1921 as a worldwide non-profit association Cigré addresses issues related to the development, operation and management of electric power systems as well as design, construction, maintenance and disposal of equipment and plants Cigré operates through 16 Study Committees (SCs) covering all aspects of electrical engineering. In the scope of SC […]