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Linear motors with 22,5° radius

The flexibility of the eXtended Transport System (XTS) with new motor modules has been increased yet again. The straight and curved motor modules (180°) are supplemented by new variants with a radius of 22,5°. They make possible new track geometries such as full circles, inside or outside curves or squares with rounded corners. The range […]

Comprehensive range of measurement I/O terminals

  High-end measurement applications and standard measurement technology tasks are capably covered thanks to a comprehensive range of measurement I/O terminals. The numerous analogue input terminals with standard resolution will suffice for many applications: for example, the KL30xx bus terminals as well as EL30xx EtherCAT terminals with 12-bit resolution record analogue signal voltages in a […]

I/O system with 3-axis acceleration sensors

  The new EP1816-3008 EtherCAT Box from Beckhoff has two integrated 3-axis acceleration sensors and 16 digital inputs. The easy-to-install I/O module for harsh environments can be used to implement cost-effective vibration and shock/oscillation monitoring directly in the field. The machine-mountable device also enables tilt monitoring in longitudinal and transverse direction. The IP 67-rated EP1816-3008 […]