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Lighting Matters: Why is lighting design practice in SA behind the times?

In the last few months, I have been asked frequently for the reason why new technologies and lighting design practices are either not being adopted or, at best, are only being adopted at a snail’s pace. I am grateful to those who have asked me because it prompted me to spring into action and analyse […]

Lighting Matters: Introducing Bluetooth Mesh

Many have heard about the fourth industrial revolution and incorrectly think that some perfectly normal IT developments or advancements are in the offing. We must discern what can really be considered as part of it. Some are genuinely embracing it while some are starting to plan for it. Others, however, are freaking out, fearing the […]

Online Relux short course

The BHA School of Lighting has introduced a short course on Relux light simulation tools. The enrollment cost is R4200 per student. Professional practices who would like to enroll four or more staff members for the course should contact Phil Hammond. Students will elevate their lighting design skills significantly after successful completion of this course. […]