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Machine learning algorithms in boiler plant root cause analysis 

It is often difficult to determine detrimental boiler conditions because the large number of boiler input and output parameters create a complex problem. Such was the case in this study, where a radiant superheater and internal desuperheater were retrofitted in an existing industrial water-tube boiler at a South African sugar mill. After installation, the steam […]

Open letter on the boiler and mill problems at Medupi and Kusile

. * Mr Alex Ham worked for Eskom for 30 years, where he held the position of Chief Engineer: Power Station Design. During this period, he was responsible for the overall design of Eskom’s Lethabo, Majuba, Matimba and Kendal power stations. During the latter part of his career, he was appointed Executive Director: Technology. He […]

Medium-pressure power boiler developed

  John Thompson has developed the MicroGen watertube boiler to cater for the growing demand for a small, medium-pressure, power boiler particularly suited to fibrous-biomass fuel and coal-fired, cogeneration applications. The boiler has been designed for a steam output of between 20 and 25 t/h dependent upon fuel type. Higher outputs can be achieved with […]

Higher plant availability with safer and better measurement solutions

  In a boiler, if the water level is too low, overheating of the water wall tubes may cause serious accidents, resulting in expensive repairs, downtime, and injury or death to personnel. If the level is too high, boiler water carries over into the superheater or turbine where it may cause damage resulting in extensive […]

Eskom’s boiler contractor at Medupi and Kusile defends its reputation

  Eskom’s boiler works contractor at Medupi and Kusile has moved to defend its reputation, and to clarify its position in respect of any perceived non-performances in meeting its contractual obligations to deliver steam of the right cleanliness, speed, temperature, pressure and mass flow-rate to the turbines at the power station construction sites. At a […]

New technical problems at Medupi place South Africa at risk

  New technical problems arising during the commissioning of Unit 6, the first of six 800 MW generation units at Eskom’s Medupi power station, may be placing South Africa’s electricity supply at risk. These problems have made it impossible for Eskom to conduct blow-through testing of the first Hitachi boiler at Medupi at the steam […]

Group companies merge for power generation

  ACTOM Air Pollution Control has become a business unit of John Thompson, the power division of ACTOM. The two group companies merged on 1 November 2014. Air Pollution Control’s focus has been on industry, mining and minerals, and John Thompson has concentrated on power generation and are specialists in boilers and environmental solutions. In […]

Medupi receives boiler registration

  Eskom’s Medupi power station has received its pressure equipment regulation certificate of registration for Unit 6 from the Department of Labour (DoL). Boiler registration with the DoL is required as no one may use a steam generator without such a certificate, and the boiler must be registered before energy can be applied to it and before the start of the […]