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Wide-ranging post-SONA interview with Eskom CFO Calib Cassim reveals all…

. Considering its importance to the South African economy, many people are deeply concerned about Eskom’s financial status as a going concern. EE Publishers’ investigative editor and managing director, Chris Yelland caught up with Eskom’s new CFO to find out more about the utility’s financial position. Calib Cassim CA(SA) was appointed Eskom CFO in November […]

You can’t get there from here

  There is an evolution (and in some cases, devolution) to security maturity. While the idiosyncrasies of powerful personalities or the peculiarities of geography and vertical play a massive role in how a company matures, there’s a general path that can be outlined for how companies get more mature. The straightforward model belowconsisting of four […]

Transnet’s CFO to tackle Eskom’s financial woes

  Transnet and Eskom have agreed to second Anoj Singh, Transnet’s group chief financial officer (CFO), as acting CFO to Eskom for a period of six months effective from 1 August 2015. Singh will be responsible for driving all aspects of the company’s finance strategy, including the R250-billion funding plan. At Eskom, he will be […]