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Implementing protection and control of future HVDC grids

  In a grid topology using HVDC circuit breakers able to provide fast clearance of a DC fault, two main contrasting, yet complementary, solutions appear possible. One would be to apply the same protection philosophy and principles used in AC systems. The second could be the “Open Grid” concept. The principle, philosophy and scheme for […]

Suspect, counterfeit and fraudulent electrical product: targeting authenticity

by Tom Grace, Eaton Counterfeit electrical products are a real danger to our safety, businesses and economy. The counterfeiting industry is overwhelming, but that’s no reason to give up and let it continue. In many instances, counterfeit products appear to be genuine, but they are unable to meet minimum performance specifications. Manufacturers of counterfeit products […]

SANS certified, NRCS approved circuit breakers

Major Tech has recently launched an extensive range of IEC/SANS certified and NRCS approved circuit breakers to complement its current range of switches, sockets and enclosures. The circuit breakers are branded Major Tech and have been tested according to IEC60947-2 in conjunction with SANS 556-1 and VC 8036 to ensure the exceptional quality. Circuit breakers […]