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Getting the geo-community to use satellite imagery in the cloud

The Earth Observation Discoveries Day, which took place at The Innovation Hub in Pretoria on 31 July 2018, exposed the local earth observation and geospatial community to the possibilities of working with earth observation big data in a cloud computing environment. The South African Space Agency (SANSA) and earth observation data provider, DigitalGlobe, jointly hosted […]

When should we buy into the cloud?

  by Richard Vester, EOH Cloud Services Companies face important IT challenges today. Not only do they have to deploy and run their business applications with agility, their infrastructures need to scale to support growth while maintaining quality of service – all in a cost-efficient manner. Cloud computing has been flagged as the new mantra […]

Third-party cloud services gain traction in Africa

  World Wide Worx and Cisco’s recent study of cloud computing trends in Africa suggests the continent is gaining confidence in both the reliability and security of the cloud. In support of this forecast, Ovum predicts that cloud services spend in South Africa will likely double over the next four years, growing from $190-million in […]

Response to query on cloud computing in EngineerIT, March 2013

Dear Editor I am not sure what the official definition of cloud computing is, but I am pretty sure of what my IT needs are as a small business owner: backup and access. Generally speaking the type of IT people you can afford as a small business owner understand IT (to a greater or lessor […]

Cabling infrastructure for data centres and cloud computing

by Harry Forbes, Nexans Cabling Solutions The advent of cloud computing and the trend to higher-speed Ethernet communications, including mobile apps, is making it more imperative than ever for data centre infrastructure managers to carefully consider their network architecture. In today’s competitive business environment, there is a need to implement the most cost-effective, future-proof connectivity […]

Biometrics in the cloud

by Delme Hawkins, ERS Biometrics The biometric industry is currently growing in leaps and bounds in South Africa, providing a variety of solutions and innovative applications across all industries. Delme Hawkins A major breakthrough has been reached through the introduction of cloud computing, thereby taking time and attendance and access control management into the future […]