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BIM collaboration platform

  GraphiSoft’s  BIMcloud is a fully-fledged BIM collaboration platform allowing teams of any size to collaborate on native BIM data in real-time. The patented Delta-Server technology, combined with cutting-edge cloud-server architecture, provides the essential features of a world-class BIM collaboration environment.  The solution goes beyond the basic cloud services offerings available on the market today. […]

Instrumentation for Generation Y

  by Chris Delvizis,  National Instruments Each generation of engineers have seen new generations of instrumentation. Baby boomers (born in the 1940s to 1960s) used cathode-ray oscilloscopes and multimeters with needle displays, now commonly referred to as “analogue” instruments. Generation X (born in the 1960s to 1980s) ushered in a new generation of “digital” instruments […]

Is resistance to the public cloud softening?

  “It is in the cloud” is a term often bandied about, but the questions still remain: when to opt for a private cloud and when to take the bold step to move into the public cloud? A lack of understanding of the practical implications of moving into the cloud is keeping South African companies […]

Up in the cloud

by Hans van de Groenendaal, EngineerIT “South Africa is not in a recession, maybe you are talking yourself into one,” said Kim Anderson, principal analyst and CxO adviser, Ovum when he addressed the recent 2012 Cloud Africa summit. “But you are not!” Kim Anderson, Ovum; JJ Miller, Global Micro and Rohan Isaacs, Norton Rose.    […]


by Gerhard Greeff and Ben de Klerk, Bytes System Integration Will cloud work for manufacturing? Will plants accept cloud-based applications? Is cloud just a vendor-driven fad? Please download the pdf

Cloud, mobility driving VPN growth

Virtual private network (VPN) technology, which has been around for more than a decade, is entering a new boom phase on the back of the rapid uptake of mobile, remote and cloud computing services by organisations of all sizes. ADSL VPNs have long found favour among businesses with multiple branches by acting as cost-effective and […]

The 4Cs

by Chris Schaaf, HP Enterprise Security Products, Sub-Saharan and South Africa It’s unlikely that any chief information security officer (CISO) would deny that any of the 4Cs listed in the title are credible security trends individually but they may not have made the connection between them and how the relationship between each can actually lead […]

Cloud computing for midsize businesses innovation and efficiency

  by Jeannine Jennings, IBM Midsize companies need innovative, secure and cost-effective ways to cut costs without disrupting current business operations. The right cloud solution offers midsize companies an advantage. All the while aiming to improve efficiency and employee productivity, enter new markets and find new opportunities, manage risk, improve business agility and retain customers. […]