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Coal conference announced

  The Southern African Coal Processing Society (SACPS) announces its 2015 biennial conference, “Unlocking Southern Africa’s coal potential” which will take place at the Graceland hotel, casino and country club in Secunda from 25 to 27 August 2015. The conference will showcase the future of coal processing by hosting nine presentations from university professors and students […]

Developments in independent power generation

  With the opening up of the power generating economy to IPPs a number of new developments are underway in the 100 MW upwards range.  Of concern to some operators is the need to establish which technologies will be the most effective for the coals unique to Southern Africa. It is vital that all coal-fired […]

Discussing the role of junior miners in the source of coal

  Eskom’s current coal supply strategy is to increase the supply of coal from emerging BBBEE coal miners. But is this possible? According to the South African Coal Roadmap, the development of new mines is fundamental in ensuring existing coal-fired power stations remain in operation. It is anticipated that Eskom will require some additional 4-billion […]

Coal blending and mixing – is that the answer?

  The Fossil Fuel Foundation will be hosting a one-day conference titled “Coal blending and mixing – is that the answer? Preparing coal for the market place when single seam products are insufficient to meet the need; risks – potentials – compatibility” at the Glen Hove Conferencing centre, 52 Glenhove Road, Melrose Estate, Johannesburg, on […]

How will SA’s new nuclear power stations be paid for?

  The South African government has committed itself, by means of its Nuclear Energy Policy and Integrated Resource Plan, to an energy mix consisting of coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, solar and wind. Yet, if the government is so determined to pursue nuclear power stations, why was no mention of the financing for this included in […]