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Communication technologies for smarter grids

  Smart grids gather information and reach conclusions, but to react appropriately to changes in the generating and transmission environment, the systems and the people behind them need a complete view of the network status. Collating the information requires robust communications, because not knowing what is happening makes decision-making difficult. The geographical scale of transmission […]

Redundancy in ethernet communications for power utilities

  Ethernet has become, without a doubt, the standard for communications networks around the world, whether for utility, industrial, ITS or any other mission critical application. Moving to ethernet rather than the more traditional serial communications has changed the way that these sites and applications are being handled, the most obvious change being that the […]

ICASA to re-align structure for improved regulation

  The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is in the process of re-organising its structure or, as the chairperson Dr. Stephen Mncube said in an exclusive interview with EngineerIT  “to re-align the structure to be a better regulator.” He said that a new structure was developed to remove silos in the organisation, to […]