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Vibration technology

To the savvy maintenance professional, industrial machinery almost “talks” to reveal its condition. The key to success is in understanding what the machine is saying. To detect problems, the professional “listens” in many ways: with eyes and ears (to see and hear conditions that may indicate problems); with thermometers and thermal imagers (to detect overheating, poor […]

Providing microsecond timing accuracy in smart grid substations

Symmetricom announces a new timing solution that meets the stringent microsecond accuracy requirements of smart grid substations. Specifically designed for substation operations, such as wide area measurement systems, traveling wave fault locators and sampled values, the Symmetricom SyncServer SGC-1500 smart grid clock offers power utility companies accurate, secure and reliable timing and synchronisation for their […]

Precision current loop calibrator with Hart communication

Comtest has introduced the new Fluke 709 and 709H mA loop calibrators, specifically designed to save time and produce high-quality results. These calibrators are built around a user-friendly interface with a Quick-Set rotary encoder knob. This tool reduces the time it takes to measure, or source, current and power up a loop. The protective holster […]

Small, lightweight, accurate dry-block calibrator

Comtest Group introduces Fluke’s 9190A Ultra-Cool Field Metrology Well, a small, lightweight, and accurate dry-block calibrator with excellent stability. The 9190A is ideal for pharmaceutical, biomedical and food processing applications that demand strict quality control and regulatory process compliance, including on-location validation and calibration of RTDs, thermocouples, thermometers, and other temperature sensors. This calibrator conforms […]

New thermal imagers

Fluke has introduced two new thermal imagers, the Ti105 and TiR105, specifically designed for use by maintenance professionals; troubleshooting technicians; preventative and predictive maintenance professionals; industrial and commercial electricians; I&E and HVAC/R technicians; facilities managers; energy auditors and restoration and remediation professionals. The Ti105 and TiR105 find application in industrial (manufacturing, process, petrochemical, etc.), plants; […]

Laser distance meters accurate up to 100 m

The Comtest Group, authorised Fluke test and measurement distributor for South and southern Africa, has introduced the Fluke 414D, 419D and 424D laser distance meters which deliver accurate, point-and-click measurements up to 100 m. These meters are suited for a range of building/construction, industrial, maintenance and professional services applications. The range features integrated compass (which […]

Power supply for AC-DC conversion

Ametek has introduced a 30 kW water-cooled advanced Sorensen design (ASD) series programmable power supply. The ASD with DaVinci Power technology represents the next generation of precision programmable AC-DC power conversion. The ASD with its 30 kW water-cooled packaging provides the highest power density available, and is designed for load transient response with outstanding output […]

Trade-in and trade-up

The Comtest Group, Fluke’s authorised Test and Measurement Distributor for  South and southern Africa, is offering customers a 20% discount when trading in older models and purchasing newer models of both ScopeMeters and the process calibrators.  This special offer is valid until 13th December 2012 for process calibrators and 31st March 2013 for ScopeMeters. Contact […]

Indoor air quality monitor

The Comtest Group has introduced the Fluke 985 Particle Counter, a rugged, accurate meter that measures airborne particles to troubleshoot and monitor indoor air quality (IAQ). The 985 is ideal for facility maintenance, HVAC and IAQ professionals to monitor cleanroom and conduct HVAC filter testing and IAQ commissioning and investigations in buildings.  Other applications include: […]

Vibration tester helps maintenance

The Fluke 810 handheld vibration tester provides the needed information on equipment without requiring extensive monitoring over the long term. The advanced handheld device is designed and programmed to discover and diagnose common mechanical problems. It can detect vibration along three planes of movement (vertical, horizontal, and axial) and provide a plain-text diagnosis with a […]