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Gallery: Domestic Use of Energy Conference 2015

  This year’s Domestic Use of Energy (DUE) Conference brought together behavioral experts, engineers and other energy specialists to address and promote energy efficiency. The conference, which took place from 30 March to 1 April 2015 at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), was themed “Towards sustainable energy solutions for the developing world”. Read […]

Domestic use of energy conference

  The domestic use of energy (DUE) conference will take place from 30 March 2015 to 1 April 2015 at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in Cape Town. Attendance at the conference qualifies for continuous professional development (CPD) points with ECSA for professional registration. The conference will host a workshop on mandatory minimum efficiency […]

CPUT awards ceremony for 2014

  At the Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s annual awards ceremony the following prizes were awarded to deserving students from the 2014 academic year: Download the Pdf

A pilot test of ethanol gel as a paraffin replacement for low-income homes

  Ethanol gel fuels have been studied for several years as a possible replacement for paraffin. It has a number of obvious advantages over paraffin: It should burn more cleanly; it should not flow far if spilled; and it should be far more readily extinguished than paraffin. Although a number of large-scale attempts have been […]

South Africa’s TshepisoSat 14 MHz beacon still elusive

  The satellite built by students and engineers at F’SATI at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, TshepisoSat, is continuing to send telemetry signals and has taken some interesting photographs, but its 20 m (14,099 MHz) beacon has not yet been heard on the ground. Before any conclusions can be drawn, further tests will be […]

Losses and costs associated with HVDC and UHVDC transmission lines

  Reduction in electrical energy consumption requires power utilities to employ most efficient ways of electrical energy delivery from generation to distribution infrastructures. For bulk power transfer over long distances improved transmission efficiency is a primary target to ensure less electrical energy losses and costs. The application of conventional HVDC schemes at 500 kV DC […]

Just what is “sustainable development”?

  If there is one thing on which everyone agrees, it is sustainable development.  Yes, we all want development, and yes, we are all as green as each other and want development to be “sustainable”. But when you scratch the surface, you soon discover people talking past each other.  How can chopping down trees, or […]