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Are financial institutions serious about online fraud?

  A survey conducted among company representatives to find out their attitudes towards information security, including financial companies’ policies towards protection from online fraud, about half of banks and payment systems prefer to handle cyber incidents when they happen, rather than invest into tools with which to prevent them. The survey was conducted by Kaspersky […]

How safe are we in the cyber world?

  Judging from the keynote speakers at the ITWeb Security Summit 2015, to be safe from the cyber world one would have to find an island with a single palm tree for shade to be safe from people trying to monitor your every movement and steal whatever is on the device you may carry. Willem […]

22% of young mobile users are victims of cyber crime

According to a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, over a twelve-month period the children of 22% of respondents were affected by cyber incidents. These incidents included outbreaks of cyber-bullying or encountering sites containing material damaging for youngsters. Children who use mobile devices can be even more vulnerable because they are free to […]