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Cyber security and fileless attacks

  Recently bank employees discovered an empty ATM: there was no money. The ATM had not been used and there was no sign of malware. After experts spent time unraveling this mysterious case, they were able to not only understand the cybercriminal tools used in the robbery but also reproduce the attack themselves, discovering a […]

Securing the enterprise network

  Cybercrime is a real threat to everyone today; no matter the size of your business. It affects everyone who has an identity or a corporate image to protect. It is already a reality in southern Africa with incidents happening on a daily basis. There is only minimal reporting which we, the public, are aware […]

2016 will see a significant evolution in cyber espionage tradecraft

  In 2016 the world will see significant evolution in cyber espionage tradecraft. First, there will be a dra”persistence”, with a greater focus on memory-resident or fileless malware, reducing the traces left on an infected system and thereby avoiding detection. Speaking in Johannesburg to EngineerIT, Dirk Kollberg, senior security researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team, […]

Mr. President: Please take note of the African Union Convention on Cyber Security

  There is no doubt that the ubiquitous threats and consequences of cyber crime are growing at an alarming rate internationally. Reports of companies losing millions with private customer information being compromised are daily events. Unfortunately, South Africa is not excluded from this picture – in fact, some recent reports list SA as third internationally […]

Telecoms in Africa – February 2014

Compiled by Matthew White Monopolies “stalling modernisation of many African economies” African telecoms analyst Russell Southwood has warned that state-owned telecom operators, which typically have monopoly privileges, stand in the way of economic development by keeping prices high. Almost without exception, he says, they are poorly run, and the quality of infrastructure and service they […]