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Applying geospatial data ethically

Geospatial data company AfriGIS’s Spatial and Data Workshop, which took place on 6 December 2018, explored updates to its datasets, the role of GIS in an organisation, and technology ethics. AfriGIS’s Brian Civin spoke about technology ethics and sustainability. That we can do something doesn’t mean that we should, he said. He reminded the audience […]

Updates to quarterly dataset

Geospatial data provider AfriGIS has released the latest quarterly updates to its 14 national datasets at its Data and Spatial Workshop in Gauteng during December 2017. Additions in this release include 60 938 Street Addresses (NAD), 5891 Street Centrelines, 38 508 Land Parcels, 509 Sectional Schemes, 3571 Points of Interest, 62 Proclaimed Towns, 1001 Gated […]

Data workshop looks at data processes to close business gaps

  Geospatial data company AfriGIS’s second quarter Data and Spatial Workshop on 15 June 2016 looked at monitoring and reporting as the final elements in a spatial information strategy framework. Previous elements in the series included data, hardware, software and other aspects. With data being its central focus, AfriGIS’s Christopher Ueckermann highlighted additions and updates […]

Resource management key in GIS projects

  Human and resource management was the focus of data company AfriGIS’s first Spatial and Data Workshop this year, held on 9 March 2016 in Midrand. The company continued its series of topics that explores GIS in business strategies and fulfilling business objectives. The company believes quality data should underpin business strategy, but also that […]

Software’s role in fulfilling business objectives

  Software formed the focus of technology company AfriGIS’s latest data and spatial workshop, which took place in Midrand on 8 December 2015. The company’s Brian Civin explained how business objectives are central to businesses’ success, and how aspects such as people, data, hardware and software all serve to realise these objectives. Speaking about AfriGIS’s […]

Workshop focuses on spatial data updates and applications

  As part of their second quarter data show, AfriGIS hosted a data and spatial workshop on 9 June 2015 in Midrand. The objective was to look at the company’s data updates as well as the application of data in general. Christopher Ueckerman opened the presentations with an overview of updates to the company’s eighteen […]