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When is a data centre truly vendor-neutral? Does it really matter?

  When Teraco opened the doors of its first data centre in Cape Town in 2010 the company claimed to be the first vendor-neutral data centre in South Africa. Since then the industry has seen other data centres claiming to be vendor-neutral. It raises the question, if a telco opens a data centre and provides […]

State of the art colocation on a low budget

  There is no reason why small companies should not outsource their data or colocate their servers in a data centre instead of in an old cabinet in a dusty corner of the office; or, in the case of a small home business, in the back of the garage. Today’s data is too valuable to […]

Data centre technology on display

  A client open day was held at the Master Power headquarters in Strijdom Park on 17 April 2015 to give clients an opportunity to view its products and establish contact with Master Power partners. A large part of the MP portfolio consistsof modular data centres, which are essentially transportable containerised modules which can be […]