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Combining data for business insight

  Spatial data company AfriGIS’s first quarter Data and Spatial Workshop held on 7 March in Midrand explored how geospatial data can applied to create business intelligence. The company’s Christopher Ueckermann explained how multiple identifiers (e.g. erf number, postal addresses etc.) can be used to describe the same spatial location, and why linking different identifiers […]

Fourth quarter AfriGIS dataset updates

  AfriGIS announced their fourth quarter updates to 16 of their datasets at their last data show in December 2014 to their clients and prospective users. The company maintains 16 datasets, which include a NAD (National Address Database), cadastre, value added deeds data, street centrelines, POIs, suburb and town boundaries, postal codes and postal code […]

Data provider highlights dataset updates and GIS trends

  AfriGIS released their third quarter updates to 14 of their datasets in September at an event attended by clients in Johannesburg. Brian Civin stated in his opening comments that the way data and GIS are used is changing as business pose more specific questions for GIS departments to answer. According to Civin, GIS is […]

Data provider showcases database updates and additions

  AfriGIS’ 45th data show, attended by approximately 20 people, showcased updates and changes in the second quarter release of the company’s datasets. Christopher Ueckermann presented a numerical breakdown of the changes, accompanied by map displays. Prominent additions included 26 815 new erf type data entries and 194 changed cadastre entries. There have been 103 […]

Data provider showcases updates and additions

  AfriGIS held its 44th data show on 6 March 2014 in Midrand and explained  the latest updates and changes to its 15 main datasets.  Christopher Ueckermann presented a numerical break down of the changes to each dataset, accompanied by maps displaying the changes according to province. From this overview most prominent data additions have […]