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Digitalised on-the-spot crime mapping and analysis

With South Africa’s murder rate almost six times the global average, South Africans are 13% more likely to be murdered than six years ago. The reduction of crime remains one of the major challenges facing South Africa’s law enforcement agencies. GIS has become a vital tool to facilitate policy and assist forensic investigations through digitalised […]

Crowdsourcing the impact of global change on risk and vulnerability

The ability to respond to the impacts of global change on vulnerable populations and assets hinges on the availability of accurate and current information. Through the South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas, SAEON aims to make the research into characterising and understanding global change accessible and usable to policy and decision makers on a local […]

Resource management key in GIS projects

  Human and resource management was the focus of data company AfriGIS’s first Spatial and Data Workshop this year, held on 9 March 2016 in Midrand. The company continued its series of topics that explores GIS in business strategies and fulfilling business objectives. The company believes quality data should underpin business strategy, but also that […]

Software’s role in fulfilling business objectives

  Software formed the focus of technology company AfriGIS’s latest data and spatial workshop, which took place in Midrand on 8 December 2015. The company’s Brian Civin explained how business objectives are central to businesses’ success, and how aspects such as people, data, hardware and software all serve to realise these objectives. Speaking about AfriGIS’s […]

Fourth quarter AfriGIS dataset updates

  AfriGIS announced their fourth quarter updates to 16 of their datasets at their last data show in December 2014 to their clients and prospective users. The company maintains 16 datasets, which include a NAD (National Address Database), cadastre, value added deeds data, street centrelines, POIs, suburb and town boundaries, postal codes and postal code […]

Data provider highlights dataset updates and GIS trends

  AfriGIS released their third quarter updates to 14 of their datasets in September at an event attended by clients in Johannesburg. Brian Civin stated in his opening comments that the way data and GIS are used is changing as business pose more specific questions for GIS departments to answer. According to Civin, GIS is […]