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Online tool to simplify environmental sensitivity screening

The National Web based Environmental Screening Tool developed by the Department of Environmental Affairs aims is to provide users with readily available spatial datasets to fast track the environmental assessment process by providing timeous reports with less frustration. In November 2015 the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) embarked on the development of a “National Web […]

Gallery: GIS Day 2018

First held in 1999 in the US, GIS Day has evolved into a global public awareness initiative which annually takes place in November and promotes geography and GIS technology and applications. GIS Day is also celebrated in South Africa, and in 2018 both the Department of Environmental Affairs’ (DEA) EGIM team and the City of […]

Screening tool simplifies environmental authorisation process

The Department of Environmental Affairs’ Environmental Screening tool is a national online GIS-based tool which creates a centralised system for generating environmental sensitivity reports for areas of proposed development. The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) is responsible for protecting, conserving and improving the South African environment and its natural resources. As part of its mandate, […]

The sorry state of air pollution from Eskom’s coal-fired power stations

. With all the emphasis currently focused on Eskom’s financial and operational sustainability and future structure, the utility’s environmental performance and sustainability is inevitably neglected, and indeed has become the sacrificial lamb on the altar of the money gods. In October 2018, an analysis and study of Eskom’s own air pollution monitoring reports, commissioned by […]

Lighting industry to take note of DEA waste management notice

  Speaking at a special discussion session during the Twelfth Annual IESSA Congress and AGM held between 15 and 18 May 2016, the association’s outgoing president Robert Henderson explained that the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) had published Notice 736 of 2015, which calls for a waste management plan from “producers” of “electrical and electronic […]

DEA focuses on remote sensing at its GIS day

  The Department of Environmental Affairs held its annual external GIS day function on 28 and 29 October 2015 at Environment House in Pretoria. The event was hosted by the Directorate Enterprise Geospatial Information Management (EGIM). The theme for the event was“GIS – cutting through boundaries” with the focus on the history and development of […]

Latest SA national land cover dataset

  GeoTerraImage (GTI) is now able to rapidly generate standardised global land-cover data derived from Landsat images for both current and historical landscapes. Land cover is a key information requirement for a wide range of landscape planning, inventory and management activities, ranging from environmental resource management to telecommunication planning. The recent global availability of Landsat […]