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High-performance current transducers

  LEM of Geneva, Switzerland, has released a range of high accuracy AC/DC current transducers, designated ‘Ultrastab’. Transducers are available for the measurement of current from 12,5 A to 24 000 A. Linearity errors are of the order of 4 ppm, and their temperature coefficient is 2 ppm/ºK. Frequency response is typically DC to 500 […]

Transducers for industrial, laboratory applications

LEM has introduced the ITZ series of transducers for galvanically-isolated DC, AC and pulsed current measurements in industrial and laboratory applications. The product range comprises a series of transducers for nominal current measurements from 600 A to 24 kA, that provide overall accuracies at ambient temperature (25°C) of only a few ppm (parts per million: […]