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Borehole pump supplies international hotel

The Southern African Renewable Energy Association (SAREA) reports that Radisson Blu’s Granger Bay hotel in Cape Town has disconnected itself from the city’s drinking water network and sources its water via a seawater desalination system. The system draws water from a 100 m deep borehole under the hotel. The decision was made during the region’s […]

New solar plants now powering whole of Northern Cape

With yet another renewable energy (RE) project completed on time and on budget, one has to wonder why the Departments of Energy (DoE) and Public Enterprises (DPE) tolerate Eskom’s continued refusal to sign additional power producer agreements. This especially since the latest REIPPP energy price bids that Eskom refuse to sign are so much lower […]

Desalination plant to be installed at Koeberg Power Station

  Eskom is planning to install a desalination plant at the Koeberg nuclear power station. The objective of this project is to reduce Koeberg’s dependency on, and consumption of, municipal water supplied by the City of Cape Town for use at the power station.  Eskom will initially use a mobile desalination unit to supply the […]

Nuclear power plants: electricity and drinking water

  Potable water is in short supply in many parts of the world. Lack of it is set to become a constraint on development in some areas. Nuclear energy is already being used for desalination, and has the potential for much greater use. Nuclear desalination is generally very cost-competitive with using fossil fuels. The International […]

Water desalination and energy

  Water takes a close second to energy as the commodity most under pressure in the future, and the least available. Energy can be produced, but the supply of fresh water is totally dependant on weather and climatic conditions. For this reason desalination of seawater is becoming an increasingly important factor in the fresh water […]