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Affordable home solar kit

The Voltex Group has launched the Voltex Home Solar kit, a complete solution for electrical contractors wishing to provide efficient domestic installations. It is also an affordable option for the homeowner. The 5 kW VHS kit comes with 15 x 265 Wt solar panels and a 4000 W LiFePO4 battery. Voltex supplies a backboard prewired […]

Eskom domestic single phase tariffs: prepayment vs. credit metering

  Domestic electricity users often ask for details of Eskom’s electricity pricing and the options of prepayment vs. credit metering. The summary below prepared by EE Publishers provides the details in a digestible form. 1. Credit metering 1.1 Homepower 4, with an 80 A 1-phase credit meter: (typically supplying higher-consumption households with many electrical appliances) […]

NERSA’s regulations regarding small scale renewable energy embedded generation

  NERSA has issued a discussion document on small scale renewable embedded generation (SSREG) [1] for discussion on a possible regulatory framework for this sector of the market. This article summarises the main features of the document. The discussion document (DD) is primarily targeted at rooftop solar, a growing sector of the market, ranging from […]

Domestic use of energy conference

  The domestic use of energy (DUE) conference will take place from 30 March 2015 to 1 April 2015 at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in Cape Town. Attendance at the conference qualifies for continuous professional development (CPD) points with ECSA for professional registration. The conference will host a workshop on mandatory minimum efficiency […]

Standards for domestic appliance energy efficiency imminent

  The government is in the process of finalising, and will soon introduce, regulations which will introduce mandatory minimum energy efficiency performance standards (MEPS) and appliance labelling, both for domestic appliances. The standards and labelling project is aimed at reducing the South African household energy demand. Twelve household appliances have been selected based on their […]