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Exchange programme focuses on VSDs

Schneider Electric facilitates cross-border employee exchanges within its organisation. The company’s international training programmes are designed to increase its employees’ professional growth and development, to promote a culture of learning and diversity, and to establish a deeper understanding of the organisation’s latest products and services. The areas of study for the candidates are based on […]

Causes and control of electrical machine vibration

  This article examines the causes of electrical machine vibration, the effects of vibration, and means taken to mitigate vibration. All rotating machines, no matter how well designed and manufactured, exhibit vibration of some form when operating. Excessive vibration can cause damage to the machine or reduce its lifetime, as well as damage to other […]

Drive system for energy efficiency

  Energy costs can constitute up to 90% of the lifecycle costs of systems which have not been optimised. SEW-Eurodrive is addressing this issue through its effiDRIVE energy-saving solution. Even a single efficiency-optimised drive component can positively impact a system’s overall energy balance. The modular energy-saving system only includes components with optimised energy efficiency. Combining […]

Electrical, insulation and thermal measurements for motors and drives

  Electrical, insulation resistance and thermal measurement are three tests that can troubleshoot motors, drives and associated electrical panels, and prolong their operational lifetime. Most facilities must obtain maximum life out of their motors because they are expensive to replace, in terms of both money and labour. Used together, thermal imagers can detect potential problems […]

Passive and active ARC fault protection in LV switchgear

The traditional methods of passive arc fault protection and the latest active protection options and applications available to industry. Having to wear a “moon suit” against arc flashing when entering LV switch rooms is new to South Africa and many companies who have never experienced arc flash incidents are awaiting developments in the occupational health […]