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Arc flash mitigation and arc-resistant switchgear

Application of arc-resistant switchgear to help mitigate arc flash hazards can be a very effective way to enhance safety for electrical workers. Not only the selection of protective device types, but also selecting the settings for adjustable devices is important in the mitigation of arch flashing. Settings must be chosen to protect equipment properly while […]

Electrical, insulation and thermal measurements for motors and drives

  Electrical, insulation resistance and thermal measurement are three tests which can troubleshoot motors, drives and associated electrical panels and prolong their operational lifetime. Used together, thermal imagers can detect potential problems and insulation resistance, while electrical tests can determine the cause. Handheld thermal imagers can collect heat signatures from a range of motors, from […]

Clever pumping: making the water industry’s pumps intelligent

  Climate change, increasing water demands and the legal obligations of the EU’s Water Framework Directive are all making the water sector an attractive arena for technologies that can help reduce costs and contribute to reducing the effects of climate change. It is against this backdrop that the demand for intelligent process control equipment is […]

Frequency inverters at mining expo

  Movitrac LTP-B frequency inverters from SEW Eurodrive are matched to meet the requirements of applications outside of a control cabinet. The higher power range of these units makes them ideally suited to the mining industry. They have been designed and developed for controlling the speed of asynchronous and synchronous motors without encoders and are […]

VFD for up to 40% energy savings

  Motors controlling pumps, fans and compressors use some 70 % of the energy required by industries and infrastructures. With Altivar variable frequency drives (VFDs) from Schneider Electric, you can, however, achieve energy savings of up to 40%, depending on the type of installation. The Altivar 1200 MV drive system, which was introduced to the […]

Improving motor efficiency

  Some 20% of the estimated 65% of industrial energy used by electric motors is lost by wasteful throttling mechanisms, making it essential to reduce the energy appetite of motors. Energy consumption by electric motors can be reduced in two main ways – efficient control of the speed at which they run, and making the […]