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Terrain lenses in aid of topography understanding

Virtual Surveyor’s six new Terrain Lenses in Version 6.3 of its drone surveying and mapping software enhance different aspects of the terrain in 3D to give users a better understanding of the topography mapped with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The software enables surveyors to generate accurate topographic end products from UAV data, bridging the […]

Sociology and technological totalitarianism

  My encounter with sociology goes back several months when a statement made in the media that we needed more engineers in society to uplift standards, among others, was met with horror by two sociology professors, who seemed to regard engineers  as inhuman creatures only interested in technology. It includes a recent encounter with a […]

Conference addresses energy efficiency and demand side management

  The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) held its 13th annual Industrial and Commercial Use of Energy (ICUE) conference at the Vineyard Conference Centre in Cape Town recently. The conference addressed issues related to ensuring a sustainable energy future with presentations and plenary meetings which discussed matters pertaining to energy efficiency and demand side […]

Positive demand side management: balancing renewable energy sources

  Demand side management (DSM) is normally associated with encouraging or forcing a reduction in maximum demand to enable a constrained generation capacity to match demand. However, the introduction of variable renewable energy sources into many grids has resulted in times where generation capacity far exceeds demand for short periods, stressing the generation fleet as […]

Industrial power and energy savings initiatives in South Africa

The electricity crisis of 2008 sparked numerous initiatives by government, Eskom and industry associations to reduce power demand and energy use. This article provides a summary of some of these, their effectiveness and impact. The main purpose of these programmes was to reduce the demand on the grid and to free up generating capacity. Two […]

Rebates created culture of expectancy, not enterprise

  I’ve been contemplating this issue for some time now and, at the risk of sounding controversial, it is becoming clear to me that the energy efficiency industry is suffering from an epidemic of expecting hand-outs. Eskom Demand Side Management (DSM) and similar energy efficiency “assistance-type” programmes have, in my opinion, created a culture of […]