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Battery storage and applications for South Africa

  The IDC Technologies’ Emergency Power Supplies, Lithium Batteries and Earthing Conference 2016, which was held in Midrand recently, brought industry experts together to share their knowledge in the applications and developments of battery storage and backup systems available today. Each topic circled back to the domestic viability and applications of battery storage and ultimately […]

Emergency power, lithium batteries and earthing conference

  Registrations are now open for the Emergency Power Supplies, Lithium Batteries and Earthing Conference to be held at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand on 27 and 28 July 2016.  The conference will deal with the adequacy of emergency power supplies; the quality of power supplied, and discuss how these problems can be addressed for plant, […]

Connecting a PV system to the grid and how to earth it

  A key constraint to the implementation of grid-connected small-scale renewable energy activities in South Africa is the lack of pre-approved, generic standards for utility engineers and system promoters to apply in designing and approving the utility interface. This article covers part two of the recommended wiring procedure for the NRS097-2-1:2010 standard which is available […]

Earthing: SANS versus the Electrical Machinery Regulation

  It has became apparent over the last few years that we as contractors run the risk of not doing proper testing. This often leads to fatalities, yet we overlook the need to address the problem. As though this were not enough, we can’t even align the SANS 10142-1 with the Electrical Machinery Regulation Act […]

Grounding methods in mission critical facilities

  Many factors must be considered when designing the electrical system for critical facilities, such as winders on mines, not the least of which is the type of grounding system to be used. Proper grounding reduces overvoltages, improves uptime, and isolates faults. Grounded systems offer many benefits over ungrounded systems [1, 2, 3]. When properly […]