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Importance of R&D and specifically energy R&D

Undoubtedly, the world faces serious challenges in recent times concerning future energy sustainability and security. In order to transform the “dangerous” path of the energy and environmental conditions thus far, it is widely accepted that the most crucial role is to be played by accumulation of knowledge that can be converted into technological progress and […]

Report on the economics of nuclear energy in South Africa, by Trusted Sources, UK

  We publish here, with permission, the summary and main findings of a report released on 14 March 2016, with a link to download the full report, entitled: South Africa – the economics of nuclear energy by Trusted Sources, UK Click here to download the full report (900 kB PDF file) Summary Over the past […]

WWF workshop held at Wits on the economics of nuclear energy in South Africa

  A one-day workshop, hosted by WWF South Africa and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung at the Wits Club, Johannesburg, on 9 March 2016, was attended by presenters, panelists and delegates deeply embedded in the energy sector in South Africa. Noticeably absent from the workshop, however, were representatives from any of the potential nuclear vendor companies, […]

Economic growth, leadership and energy

  The important role that coal has played in South Africa’s economic development is often downplayed in the modern world where fossil fuels are often denigrated.  The fact is that coal supplies over 70% of the country’s energy needs and over 90% of its electricity requirements. Although these percentages must and will decline in the […]