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South Africa needs to attract domestic and foreign investment for economic growth

  South Africa has so many positive economic growth attributes that it is difficult to believe that it cannot succeed in achieving high economic growth going forward.  An assessment of these attributes reveals that it has virtually unlimited natural resource treasures, among the richest of any nation in the world.  It has a multi-talented multi-ethnic […]

Five factors are shaping the future of ICT: ITU

To realise the full potential of the digital economy, policy-makers and regulators have a key role to play in building policy and regulatory environments in which new technologies can flourish. “Information and communication technologies (ICT) are now all-pervasive and will be central to helping the world meet all 17 sustainable development goals. The role of […]

Conceived in the resource-rich 20th century, SA’s two immense power plants stumble

  Credit: This article is published with permission from Circle of Blue, the news and science center that reports on the competition between water, food, and energy globally.  Conceived in the resource-rich, ecologically stable, and capital-abundant 20th century, South Africa’s two immense coal-fired Medupi and Kusile power stations were viewed as reasoned answers to South Africa’s growing demand for electricity, […]

Farewell to cheap electricity

  Cheap and abundant electricity supplied by the state-owned power utility Eskom was the underlying assumption of almost all South Africans for over a generation. This assumption, over the long term, as we now are seeing, is a faulty one and if the country is to get through its present crisis, then it will have […]