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High and medium surge protector ranges

The growing demand for electricity on the power grid, the unpredictable power supply from the utilities and load shedding make it imperative to protect appliances and electronic equipment from power surges. These are caused when power is restored after interruptions, as well as by load shedding; vandalism; cable theft; power outages; overloaded socket outlets and […]

Low-frequency pure sine wave inverters

The Ellies MP low-frequency Pure Sine Wave inverter range with built-in transfer switch  provides the same features as uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes). This means that, when there is a power failure, the inverter switches over to charged batteries automatically. Once the electricity supply is restored, the inverter synchronises to the incoming mains from the utility and then […]

Low-frequency pure sine wave inverters

The Ellies MP inverter range is ideal for surge protection in small-scale power generation and household backup systems. They are low-frequency pure sine wave inverters with built-in transfer switches to provide the same features as uninterruptible power supplies. These inverters convert DC power from a battery into 230 V AC pure sine wave power and […]

Rebrand announced

Megatron Federal  has announced its re-brand as of October 2012. The company has historically positioned itself within the power generation, transmission and distribution business, but with the rapid expansion of the company over the past two years the new look has become a necessity in order to communicate effectively with key stake holders. Megatron Federal […]