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2D fast-mapping software for emergency response

Pix4Dreact is 2D mapping software tailored to the needs of public safety personnel and first responders. Drones are already used to provide visual information that reduces response time and increases safety, but many lack fast-mapping capability. Teams on the ground need quick and reliable aerial insights to plan and deliver operations in remote, complex and […]

Staying ahead of Hurricane Dorian with geo-information

As Hurricane Dorian moves north in the Atlantic Ocean, brushing the United States’ Southeast coast with strong waves, winds, and rain, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) is providing comprehensive scientific capabilities and information that decision makers, emergency responders and communities can use to help them prepare, cope and recover from the storm. The USGS’s […]

Satellite data supports disaster response in Nepal

  In response to the devastating 7,8-magnitude earthquake that struck central Nepal on 25 April 2015, DigitalGlobe has made high resolution satellite imagery of the affected areas freely available online to all groups involved in the response and recovery effort. This imagery can be accessed via (username: nepal, password: forcrisis​). DigitalGlobe activated FirstLook, the […]