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Reliable, hygienic and compact flow meters

Does the space in your plant limit you to less measuring points? Your time is too valuable to waste with commissioning. Trust the multivariable measuring technology of a reliable flow meter, designed specifically for your hygienic applications. The benefits of using Endress+Hauser’s Proline Promass Coriolis and Promag magnetic flow meters ( the ProlinePromass S 100, ProlinePromag H 100; […]

Preventative maintenance saves plant and the budget

Endress+Hauser’s installed base Audit (IBA) is a comprehensive and supplier-independent audit of the existing instrumentation installed base of a plant or process. The balanced maintenance strategy development methodology has four main steps: Inventory and documentation (database); evaluation (process criticality assignment); asset maintainability assessment (risk of maintainability assessment); recommendations and reporting through consultation with the plant […]

Interface measurement without any reservation

Since distillation products may frequently be mixed with other substances of different density and consistency, the acquisition of aninterface is a common measuring task Inpetrochemical processes. Interfaces are measured at both the refinery and in storage as well as in waste water treatment, e.g. in separators. In the past, displacer systems were frequently used which […]

Towards more reliable temperature measurements

Numerous process conditions such as corrosive gases, turbulence or abrasion reduce the lifespan of various componentsof a thermometer: The simultaneous effect of corrosion and abrasion is often the root cause of measurement failure. For users this means that they frequently need to replace thermocouples at critical measuring points. Such measuring points increase the workload of […]

Temperature probes made from SD75 alloy

Temperature is a critical measurement in waste plant furnaces. The release of harmful emissions is avoided by burning the waste at an optimum temperature. To record the temperature in the furnace accurately, three or more temperature thermowells are inserted into the furnace directly above the flame. Due to the incredibly harsh conditions in the furnace, […]

Economical processes deriving from accurate and robust metrology

by Heinz Häfelfinger, Endress+Hauser, Switzerland The oil and gas industry sometimes still tends to prefer mechanical turbine flowmeters or PD meters over their more modern Coriolis counterparts. However, this preference is unfounded. Please download the pdf

New instrument generation of the time-of-flight method

The new instrument generation of the time-of-flight method offers outstanding properties in the radar instruments of the Micropilot family, as did the guided radar instruments of the Levelflex family launched in 2010. After its successful launch more than 20 years ago, the development of Micropilot has continued in cooperation with Endress+Hauser’s customers and users. More […]

Quality management at the click of a mouse

Memosens is based on non-contact data transmission between sensor and cable that makes the system absolutely robust against external influences such as moisture, corrosion and salt bridges. Unpleasant surprises from measuring point failures caused by these factors are a thing of the past – and maintenance work such as calibration and sensor replacement can be […]

Spirit of innovation leads to better products

Christian Matt and Gerhard Eckert designed space-saving Coriolis flowmeters for large diameters. Endress+Hauser applied for 230 patents in 2012. More than 240 innovators from across the group gathered at the 2013 Innovators’ Meeting held in Switzerland, to introduce their developments and share their experiences with their colleagues. Four highly-successful patented solutions received awards, while three […]

Engineered measuring solutions

Endress+Hauser has increased its install base in water and waste water plants across the country and has shown good growth in the industry. What differentiates the company’s offering in this industry is the ability to offer individual engineered solutions to ensure integrity of sample collection and continuous measurement and recording of inflow and outflow quality […]