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Capacitance interface measurement

Liquicap FMI51/52M capacitance devices offer tried and tested interface level measurement in applications that have clear or emulsive liquid-to-liquid interface levels (where the dielectric constants between the two liquids is greater than 10). Benefits include: tried and tested instrumentation; no wet calibration required; unaffected by the density of the medium; usable with emulsion layers; ideal for […]

Guided wave radar interface measurement

The new Levelflex FMP51/52/54 range of guided wave radars are described as being ideal for use in the petrochemical industry and offering an excellent price-performance ratio. Severe conditions are not a problem as the sensors handle low/high pressures (vacuum up to 400 bar), low/high temperatures (-200 up to +450°C) and corrosive or abrasive materials. The […]


Important process and diagnosis information is often stranded in an instrument: inaccessible, unused and ultimately, worthless. This valuable data can now be unlocked by using Endress+Hauser’s WirelessHart solutions, allowing users to make a quantum leap in plant availability and transparency. The use of WirelessHart communication in process plants allow the user to benefit from its […]

Virtually eliminating I/O mapping

After a 10-year collaboration with Saudi Arabian sales company Anasia (Abudawood Group), Endress+Hauser will establish a joint venture to seal the partnership and intensify the local market presence. The new Endress+Hauser sales centre, Endress+Hauser Arabia LLC, is a joint venture between the Endress+Hauser Group and Anasia, sister company to the Abudawood Group. Both compa-nies have […]