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Changes to Section 12L of the Income Tax Act

  Nhlanhla Nene, the minister of finance, has announced amendments to regulations 6 and 7 of the energy efficiency tax incentive regulations which were published by Government Notice number R.971 of 9 December 2013. These regulations form part of section 12L of the Income Tax Act of 1962. The amendment to regulation 6 deletes the […]

Implementing a biomass waste-to-energy solution in a dairy

  Based in Plymouth, Indiana, USA, Homestead Dairy began as a modest family farm with only 110 cows. In 1979, brothers Floyd and Dan Houin purchased the farm from their father and turned it into a massive dairy operation. The dairy now hosts 1800 milking cows and 300 dry cows, while an additional 1700 cows […]

Tender for new gas-fired generation on the cards

The World Energy Council (WEC) reports that South Africa’s Independent Power Producer (IPP) office in the Department of Energy is planning a tender for 3000 MW of new gas-fired generation to ameliorate severe power shortages. A request for information (RFI) is expected in March 2015. The issue was discussed in February 2015 by ministers and […]

How will SA’s new nuclear power stations be paid for?

  The South African government has committed itself, by means of its Nuclear Energy Policy and Integrated Resource Plan, to an energy mix consisting of coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, solar and wind. Yet, if the government is so determined to pursue nuclear power stations, why was no mention of the financing for this included in […]

Largest CSP power plant in Africa goes online

Ebrahim Patel, the minister of economic development, inaugurated the 100 MW KaXu parabolic trough type concentrating solar power (CSP) power plant near the town of Pofadder in the Northern Cape on 2 March 2015. The plant, which occupies 300 hectares of land in the Khâi-ma municipal district, was built by Abengoa, and financed by the […]

Recent developments in storage technology and applications

  Electrical energy storage systems (ESS) are becoming increasingly important in both the renewable energy and the smart grid sectors, as more operators are realising that without ESS it will be difficult to progress forward. Although it was regarded in the past as too expensive, storage is now seen to be an essential economic solution […]