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Multi-pixel photon counters for space optimisation

  Hamamatsu Photonics introduce their new range of multi-pixel photon counters (MPPC), the new S13360-VE series. These new COB package type MPPCs incorporate through-hole electrodes called TSV (through-silicon via). This process optimises the available space between the sensitive area and the package edge (0,2 mm on the four sides), allowing for a four-sided buttable arrangement. […]

Contactless transport ticketing wristband for Rio

  Gemalto has announced a partnership with RioCard (Rio de Janeiro’s public transportation ticketing operator) to implement contactless transport ticket wristbands. When fully implemented, the solution will simplify secure payments and improve convenience ensuring smoother travel via any mode of transportation (bus, ferry, subway and train) for more than 10-million residents and visitors to Brazil’s […]