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Modular data centres: the rise and the advantages

Motivated by cloud computing and the application of big data and the internet of things (IoT), the construction of data centres brings a new level of expertise to companies. In such a huge market, a traditional data centre is in a “solid” state which lacks flexibility and extendibility. With the development of businesses and increasing […]

Constant temperature monitoring of electromechanical enclosures

Having radically improved thermal imaging efficiency and safety through the introduction of its polymer infrared windows, Iriss is now addressing the need for wider electrical maintenance safety solutions. Indeed its latest introduction allows the company to add continuous monitoring to the list, both as a stand-alone capability and as an addition to its patented window […]

Inductors for everything

  Electronic devices have been ubiquitous in modern life for some time. So it is perhaps easy to assume that everything necessary has already been accomplished in the world of passive components. As consumers, we are all well aware of faster computers, smarter phones, brighter and flatter TV screens, and an increasingly connected world. As […]

Virtual panel discussion: Long term contracts – a problem for business?

  Long term contracts were at one stage considered as the most viable option to protect businesses against high annual increases. The rapid development of new technologies has changed all that – top technology and services today may be superseded tomorrow. Somewhere in all this there must be a middle road. We asked a number […]