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Sick benefit fund committee’s statement on sick benefit subsidies

The Sick Benefit Fund Committee for Region A and Region B would like employers to note that the subsidy in relation to contributions to the National Sick Fund will be strictly applied. The main collective agreement requires that employers pay over contributions to the Bargaining Council for the Electrical Industry by the 15th day of the […]

Oral agreements for building and related work a “minefield of risk”

Oral agreements for electrical installation work are theoretically legal but frequently cause enormous problems, says Uwe Putlitz, CEO of the Joint Building Contracts Committee (JBCC). He says an oral agreement between an employer and an electrical contractor to undertake work based on discussions between the two parties – perhaps a drawing and/or a job description […]

eCoC now available to members

The ECA(SA)’s new electronic CoC is up and running. Exclusive to ECA members, this is a valuable aid designed to help members to save time and to make their lives simpler. The electronic CoC does away with laborious, repetitive writing of the same information, the uncertainty of what goes where and the search for numbers […]

eCoC available to members

The ECA(SA)’s new electronic CoC is available to members. It replaces repetitive entering of the same information and the uncertainty of what to fill in where. These and the search for numbers and information are now done on the contractor’s behalf. With the electronic CoC, you only need to enter the site information and technical […]