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Analysis of the structure of Eskom’s special electricity pricing deals with BHP Billiton

by Chris Yelland, EE Publishers Johannesburg, 24 March 2013 Since the Supreme Court of Appeal judgement on 15 March 2013 ordering Eskom to disclose the formulae by which the price of electricity to BHP Billiton’s Hillside and Mozal aluminium smelters is calculated, much has been written in general terms about the effective price per kWh currently […]

Eskom puts muscle into training young building energy auditors

The artisan and technical faculty of the Eskom Academy of Learning in Midrand, Johannesburg, has certified its first 33 building energy auditors after having successfully completed the rigorous year-long building energy auditors training programme (BEAT). The technicians, who hail from Soweto, Tembisa, Alexandra, Katlehong, Johannesburg and Pretoria, received their skills programme certificates from the ESETA […]

Living on the edge

by Mike Rycroft, editor Eskom has managed to pull us through the winter peak without a single unplanned blackout. Well done. But we are still running close to the edge, and failure of any energy sources could put us in the pit. This was achieved at a cost of shutdowns in industry, power by-backs etc., […]

How to write an annual report

Sir I offer these tips because a slew of annual reports from across the industry have made their appearance, and your erudite readers might, when perusing these tomes of information, like to have at their fingertips some analytical tools with which to delve into the often dense material to separate fact from fiction. Not that […]

Komati power plant project wins

Siemens South Africa has proved its mettle as a leading international innovative technology solutions provider by winning the 2012 “Large contractor of the year” award from Eskom, for their role in the Komati coal-fired power station return to service (RTS) project. Mothballed in 1990, the plant was built between 1961-1964 with nine units; four 125 […]

Driving energy-efficiency at Matimba

Driving energy-efficiency has taken on a renewed sense of urgency in South Africa. Apart from encouraging business, industry and consumers to save electricity, Eskom remains committed to driving efficiency within its own operations. This includes working closely with its own suppliers in order to find new ways to generate energy savings. This innovative approach – […]

Eskom, BHP Billiton and the secret commodity-linked electricity pricing deals

A presentation to the South African National Energy Association by Chris Yelland, EE Publishers Johannesburg, May 2011 Chairman of SANEA, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank SANEA for the invitation to present this evening. And this especially at a time when the media in the UK is becoming increasingly discredited and demonised in the ongoing scandal […]

Society for the Blind helps with energy saving

Members of the KwaZulu-Natal Society for the Blind are assisting Magnet with its current Eskom project, a joint initiative to save energy through the use of energy saving showerheads and water restrictors for taps. According to Magnet managing director Brian Howarth, the team, who are employed by the company, have already prepared over 8000 energy […]