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Getting ready for amateur radio’s first geostationary satellite

  If all goes according to plan the Qatar Satellite Company’s second satellite, Es’hailSat-2, will be placed in a geostationary orbit by a Space-X Falcon-9 rocket in early January 2017. The Qatar Amateur Radio Society (QARS) managed to secure the privilege to have an amateur radio payload as part of Es’hailSat-2. Discussions regarding the payload […]

Partial success for SpaceX’s re-usable rocket

  SpaceX’s put their Falcon 9 rocket to test as part of their re-useable rocket program when they launched the DSCOVR satellite earlier this morning, only to miss their mark by 10 m due to extreme weather. The launch is significant as it also forms part of SpaceX’s program to develop fully and rapidly reusable […]