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The new IRP for electricity, and the future of coal in the electricity generation mix of SA

A keynote presentation by Chris Yelland, managing director and investigative editor at EE Publishers, at the workshop on Air Quality, Emissions and the Low Carbon Economy hosted by the Fossil Fuel Foundation (FFF) in Johannesburg on 30 May 2018. On 16 May 2018, I made a keynote presentation at the annual conference of the National […]

Does South Africa have a viable gas resource?

  The Fossil Fuel Foundation’s recent “Unconventional gas” workshop discussed the viability of South African gas resources. The workshop was held at the Glen Hove Conferencing centre in Johannesburg. The South African economy is highly dependent on a reliable electrical supply and shortages of supply in recent years have depressed the country’s economic growth resulting […]

Unconventional gas workshop announced

  The Fossil Fuel Foundation invites energy experts, strategists, funders and those involved in future energy planning are invited to attend the foundation’s upcoming workshop on unconventional gas. Unconventional gas and petroleum resources represent valuable emerging forms of energy in South and Southern Africa. Extensive studies are now underway to establish their nature, distribution, availability and extractability. This […]

Energy professionals present conference outcomes to War Room

  The 2nd Electricity Conference of the Fossil Fuel Foundation (FFF) was held was held on 25 March 2015, and was attended by 60 delegates, mainly from industry and the electricity sector. The conference was entitled: “Electricity, the Economy, War Rooms – is there hope at last?” Presenters at the conference included: Dr. Steve Lennon, […]

Non-renewable resources energy conference – where to from here?

  The Fossil Fuel Foundation will host its “Non-Renewable Resources Energy Conference” on 12 March 2015 at the Glen Hove Conferencing Centre in Johannesburg. Southern Africa, especially Botswana, South Africa and Mozambique, has large resources of bituminous and sub-bituminous coal. Coal is found in significant volumes in Tanzania as well as in Kenya, Madagascar and […]

Electricity, the economy, and war rooms – is there hope at last?

  The Fossil Fuel Foundation will be hosting its second Electricity Conference on 25 March 2015 at Glen Hove Conferencing, 52 Glenhove Road, Melrose, Johannesburg. The theme of the conference will be: “Electricity, the economy, and war rooms – is there hope at last?” South Africa has already had over six years of constrained electricity […]