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Cost of new power generation in South Africa

  The Energy Centre of the CSIR has moved to provide updated and consistent information on the cost of new power from wind, solar PV, baseload coal IPP, baseload Eskom coal, and nuclear power generation technologies in South Africa. In a presentation dated 14 October 2016, the head of CSIR’s Energy Centre, Dr. Tobias Bischof-Niemz, […]

Successful coal-based IPP bidders announced

  Tina Joematt-Pettersson, the minister of energy, has announced the successful bidders for the first coal-based independent power producer (IPP) programme. Coal is South Africa’s dominant energy source which provides 77% of the country’s energy needs. Environmental considerations and the increasing prevalence of extreme climate events compel the South African government to progressively reduce its […]

What’s the future for IPPs in South Africa?

  It is most unfair that Eskom now wants to ditch the coal-fired IPPs, when in fact they will be much more useful than the renewables. Moreover, it would be illuminating to see how much cheaper and faster IPP-owned coal-fired power stations can be commissioned than Eskom’s efforts. Coal IPPs should have been the first […]

Developments for improved internal combustion gas engines

  Reciprocating internal combustion engine-based generators are among the most mature distributed generation technologies available, accounting for a high percentage distributed generation installations. With the promise of cheaper and abundant gas supplies, gas fired internal combustion engines are being used increasingly for power generation, especially from renewable gas sources. Although the basic internal combustion engine […]

The world nuclear industry status report 2016

  The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2016 (WNISR2016) provides a comprehensive overview of nuclear power plant data, including information on operation, production and construction. The WNISR assesses the status of new-build programmes in current nuclear countries as well as in potential newcomer countries. The WNISR2016 edition includes again an assessment of the financial status […]

Own-generation changes the business model for municipalities

  In order to execute on their mandate of procuring and selling electricity in a cost effective and safe manner, municipalities need to remain viable by protecting their revenue income in the face of increasing own-generation schemes. To achieve this, municipalities may have to revise the business models they have used for many years and […]