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New focus on high-altitude platform internet

In the 1990s and 2000s, several projects were launched to explore the potential application of high-altitude platforms (HAPs) for telecommunication and remote sensing. The US, Japan and South Korea took the lead with several projects. HAPs are commonly deployed in the stratospheric layer, far higher than the altitude at which commercial aircraft operate, and are […]

The sub-marine cable business is about building diversity

  From just one coaxial undersea cable, SAT 1, taken into service on 18 February 1969 and providing 360 channels to Lisbon, South Africa and indeed the continent, is now served by a multitude of sub-marine cables providing thousands of circuits with plenty additional circuits in store when more bandwidth is lit up. Could this amount […]

Telecoms developments in Africa – May 2016

  Connecting Africa and South America Angola Cables S.A and NEC Corporation said that the contract to build the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS), a subsea fibre optic cable system to connect Africa and South America in the southern hemisphere, has come into force. SACS is scheduled to go live by mid-2018. The project cost $160-million […]

Google Maps Engine deprecation and possible alternatives

  Google has announced the deprecation of Google Maps Engine (GME), leaving users with less than a year to find an alternative solution. Also coming to an end is its complementary Google Maps Coordinate app. The company will end support for the Google Maps Engine (GME) and the GME API on 29 January 2016, after […]