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Rapid global surface model production

Using high-resolution 3D data, Vricon’s GeoRef solution allows analysts to automatically correlate multiple datasets with a high degree of geospatial accuracy in all dimensions and create actionable intelligence from disparate sources. The 3D surface models and precise digital elevations enhance GEOINT data, covering the globe to support preparation, rehearsal, and execution. These models provide a […]

High-res aerial imagery from hurricane damage publicly available

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) will make available to the public high-resolution aerial imagery of areas affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. By going to the link and typing in an address, a before-and-after comparison will be available if the property is in an affected area that has been surveyed from the air. Harvey […]

SANSA supports Operation Phakisa with aerial imagery

  The South African National Space Agency’s (SANSA) high-resolution satellite imagery has considerable potential to effectively contribute to the marine protection and governance goals of Operation Phakisa through the synoptic and repetitive monitoring of the oceanic environment. In an effort to harness the benefits of the ocean economy the South African government initiated a programme […]