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AOG improves control centre performance

  Converting standard HMI to advanced operating graphics (AOG) can improve overall baseline efficiency of a control centre by as much as 25%. Safe and efficient operations rely on control room operator staff being able to quickly identify potential process deviations before the situation reaches an unsafe or undesirable production condition. Ilbehr Theron of Yokogawa […]

Application of technology reduces engineering, training and support costs in mining

  Application of technology is one of the major contributors to mining operations profitability – by introducing major savings in operation, training and supports costs. This concept was recenty illustrated in one of the largest mining growth projects in Southern Africa, with a capital cost of some R10-billion. Exxaro’s Grootegeluk is the largest coal operation […]

Technology helps machine builders offer improved availability

  The ongoing pursuit of ever-better overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) scores has become a real focus for end users across industries in recent years. OEE itself, however, is not a conversation end users routinely have with their machinery suppliers. The focus instead tends to be on areas such as baseline speed, cycle times and overall […]